My grandma is already 88 years old, but still I live by myself.


Grandma's always beautiful residence and delicious dishes

My grandma is already 88 years old, but still I live by myself. Since Grandpa died three years ago, I had several stories saying that I live with my aunt, but in the end I ended up living alone. Grandma is 88 years old, I'm very fine. I well remember the names of 12 grandchildren and 4 grandchildren, and of course I do all my housework by myself. Even when I go there, my grandmother living alone lives in a very beautiful place. As I become older, I often hear that the house is overflowing with things, but there is no such sign for my grandmother at all. Perhaps it may be more beautiful than ours. Grandma had cleaned the house for Grandpa from a young age, apparently still seems to have that habit.

Grandma is also a good cook. We will make a wide variety of dishes such as simmered dishes, fried chicken, and peanuts. I think that it is really amazing as it is tasty again. When saying that our children are delicious and seeing that we eat a lot of grandma's dishes, I feel that it is amazing to cook everything from primary school students to 80's to everyone's delicious. My favorite grandmother, I sincerely hope she will be fine.

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